About Us

Insta Vape is an online store for vaping products and Smoking accessories .We offer vapers more legitimate product options and higher quality and also, provide the Canada’s most comprehensive assortment of items. Our goal in trading online is to provide a convenient resource for customers who like to try before they buy as well as those who live too far away to visit a store. Insta Vapes has developed plethora of products variety including different flavours and sizes which usually are not available in stores.


First and foremost, we want to offer a healthier alternative to smoking. There are numerous advantages to switching from smoking to vaping. Better health, higher quality of life, and a longer life expectancy. Everything we do is to contribute to a healthier, smoke-free future for the Canada. We want to facilitate a change that prevents people from picking up the habit in the first place by assisting current smokers to quit and educating future generations. Our motivation for doing so stems from personal experience. Most of our employees are ex-smokers, so we understand the process and the challenges you may face. We also understand that everyone’s journey is unique.


We don’t want to be like just another vape shop. Every customer who comes through our website is at a different stage of their vaping journey. You may have recently quit smoking or have been vaping for some time – and we understand that everyone’s quitting journey is different. Our job is to figure out what is best for you. We provide the best filter assistance by which we can starting from scratch – looking at your current smoking or vaping habits to help you get everything just right. Everything from the device you require to the vape liquid and nicotine strength you should need. We are not here to sell you the most expensive equipment; rather, we want to find what will give you the best chance of success.
To deliver the latest and finest products to our consumers, we conduct extensive research, testing, and collaboration with major industry authorities. Because our website is in Canada itself, we stayed closely with Canadian cancer society to assist people in their efforts to quit smoking using vaping as a tool. We are also proud members of many government authorities. There mission is to educate and promote change so that more people can make educated decisions about their health and how vaping can help them


We want to make quitting smoking as simple as possible by giving the greatest products at the best pricing. When you first begin your vaping journey, there is a lot to understand, and coming into a vape shop for the first time can be scary. We offers you all varieties of vapes to get knowledge and use. Our all employees are vapers, so they know what they’re offering and can give you personalized suggestions based on their own personal experiences and with the help of artificial intelligence.
We like to think that at The vape store, we’ve created an easy interface for everyone. We aim to provide the greatest assistance possible regardless of where you are on your quitting journey, whether you are just buying your first kit or have been vaping for years. Our major purpose is to assist you in quitting smoking for good.