Author: Ed Swain

Last Updated: 18/02/2019

The Oxford Dictionary named Vape the word of the year in 2014. This occurred when vaping gained popularity in the public, and that popularity has proceeded to develop into the massive industry that it is today.

Newcomers to the vaping culture may initially feel overwhelmed. There are many new phrases and procedures to learn, and there may be a learning curve when first starting out. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry; this book is designed to educate you on the terminologies and components that comprise the vaping industry, allowing you to seamlessly shift from Vape Newbie to Cloud Chaser.


All vaporizers have three major components: E-Juice (the liquid that you vape), the tank (where you store your e-juice), and the mod/battery (the power supply).


Now that we know all about e-juice now it’s time to talk about what you will be using it with.


No, I’m not talking about giant rolling metal death machines, in vaping culture a tank is the part of the vaporizer where you load and vape your e-juice. It is usually comprised of 3 Parts:


The drip tip is the portion of the vaporizer where you insert your lips. They are typically composed of heat-resistant plastic or metal, while some third-party vendors provide wood. If you wish to change the aesthetic of your vaporizer, they are typically detachable and replaceable. To generate greater pulls, some individuals choose drip tips with wide holes. Others like a smaller hole for a more controlled and smooth shot.


This is the area of the vaporizer where the e-liquid is inserted. These containers are often composed of glass, stainless steel, or titanium. Some tanks are topped off, while others are topped off from the bottom.

Top fill tanks are often easier to fill since you don’t have to remove the tank from your mod or battery to refill it, which makes it much more handy.

Near the bottom of most tanks is an air flow control ring. This allows you to manually adjust the vape’s airflow resistance to your liking.


The Atomizer, often referred to as a coil, is the part that actually causes the vaporization. Inside each atomizer is a coil wrapped around a piece of cotton. As you draw, the e-liquid is pulled from the tank chamber to the cotton and heated coil inside the atomizer to cause vaporization. Coils are disposable and will need to be replaced every couple weeks.

Coils are calibrated in terms of OHMS. OHMS is a measurement of resistance and I could give you a big long technical explanation, but the easier way to explain it is the lower the OHM, the more power (wattage) needed to heat the coil, which ultimately results in larger vapor production.

Popular Coil Calibrations (OHMS)

.2, .3, .5, 1, 1.2, 1.5

Large clouds > Smaller Clouds

If you are new to vaping you may want to look for a unit that offers a range of coil calibrations and more specifically a unit that offers coils of 1 OHM or higher. I find higher OHM coils are smoother and easier to start with.


Coils also need to be primed before first time use. This is something a lot of new users over look when filling their vape for the first time. If your coil is not properly primed before use it will struggle to flow juice from the tank to the coil resulting in a “dry hit”.

A dry hit is when only the cotton wick is burned without e-juice soaked in it. It can happen when you let your juice get too low before refilling or from not priming your coil before use. You will know you had a dry hit from the harsh burned vape taste you will experience.

To avoid this, before you use your coil for the first time take your e-juice and drip it onto the airflow openings of the coil and also onto the cotton in the middle of the coil. Make sure the cotton has become saturated; it may require applying the e-juice several times. Once you can see that the cotton is nice and moist, now it’s ready to be attached to the rest of the tank.

Once you assemble the tank I recommend letting the tank sit with the juice and new coil in it for about a minute. This will allow the juice to further soak into the coil. Next take a few draws without any heating to promote the flow of e-juice. Once you have done this you should be good to turn your unit on begin your first session.


The Mod refers to the part of the vape that provides power to the tank and atomizer. They also control the wattage and temperature that you are vaping at. Pen style vapes use a battery instead of a mod and usually offer limited control over your wattage.


You will want control of your wattage if you want to be able to customize your vapor experience. The higher you set your wattage the denser the vapor produced. Power control is also important if you intend to use different coils with different OHM calibrations. Lower OHM coils (.2 OHM – .5 OHM) require more power while higher OHM coils require less power (1 OHM – 2 OHM).


If you are new to vaping, a Starter Kit is an excellent place to begin. Most firms provide Starter Kits that contain a tank, a few coils, and the mod/battery. These kits are particularly intended for newcomers and include everything required to get started vaping right away. Here you may find the most recent and cutting-edge starter kits that Insta Vape Inc sells.


You can think of E-Juice similar to wine, it comes in different brands, flavors and strengths. Just like wine not all e-juice is made equally and a lot of time its personal choice that will determine a juice you will enjoy.

What is in E-Juice?
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Nicotine
  • Flavouring

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin, also known as VG, is anorganic sugar-alcohol compound that is derived from vegetable oil. It is comprised of just 3 elements, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. VG is a viscous liquid that is slightly sweet and is used to make clouds of vapor denser. The hit from a VG based liquid tends to be smoother on the throat and more inviting for new vapers.

Some people may still be uneasy putting a relatively unknown substance in your body. But the truth is that you have probably already ingested vegetable glycerin in your life countless times, if you brushed your teeth this morning than you definitely ingested vegetable glycerin as it is used in almost every dental hygiene product. Vape companies use pharmaceutical grade VG to further ensure the quality of their juices and is listed on the FDA’s “Generally Recognized As Safe”(GRAS) list. When ingested it is broken down and metabolized in the body by a process called “bet-oxidation” which turns it in CO2 and H20 which are natural elements the body can easily discard and is one of the most benign organic liquids in the world. The liquid is also hypo-allergenic, meaning that one cannot have an allergic reaction to it unlike its PG counterpart, more on that below.


Propylene Glycol also known as PG, is a petroleum by-product. The liquid is colorless and odorless and is less thick than its VG counterpart and also produces less visible vapor. Within vaping it is used to more efficiently carry flavor and nicotine of the E-Liquid. PG also can cause more of a “throat hit”, which is a slight irritation experienced in your throat similar to smoking. Some former smokers will prefer a liquid that is higher in PG because the sensation is more similar to smoking.

PG Chemical StructureWhat is it typically used for?

  • Asthma Inhalers
  • Medical products
  • Pet foods
  • Beauty products

Some people may find a solution like PG worrisome to ingest, as it is a chemical compound. Most of the concerns stem from the fact that most studies reference industrial grade propylene glycol, however the vapor community is following suit with the medical community by using pharmaceutical grade PG. The FDA recognizes pharmaceutical grade PG as safe and has included on itsGRAS list. The one issue with PG is that some people may have a natural allergy to the substance; this may result in a slightly irritated feeling on your throat. For those who suspect they may be allergic to PG we recommend Max VG juices.


E-Juice companies often offer different PG/VG ratios for their juices. Different ratios can directly affect how you will enjoy your vapor.

E-Juices that are higher in PG will produce thinner clouds, have more distinct flavoring but will also cause more of a throat irritation. This is usually preferred by those who are quitting smoking but still desire the smoking sensation on their throat.

E-Juices that are higher in VG will taste sweeter, have thicker clouds, and will cause less irritation on the throat. This is preferred by most new users who wish to switch to vaping because it is easier to draw. It is also preferred by those who are looking for large cloud production.


E-Juice companies use food-grade natural and artificial flavors in their juices. These are the same flavoring ingredients that are found in soda-pop, candy, etc.

Flavoring is very subjective, not everyone is going to enjoy the same taste. This is why companies offer a wide-array of flavors to excite the pallets of users. Flavors can range from baked goods, coffee, pop, fruits, candy, mints and so on. There are even tobacco flavoured e-juices for smoking “purists” or flavorless juices for those who want no taste at all.

Some companies even offer “Organic” E-Juice blends. These E-Juices contain only Organic Food Grade Flavor Extracts and do not employ the use of colorants, artificial flavors, fillers, diluting agents, or preservatives.

We recommend getting a couple of flavors if you are new to find out which one is right for you. Some shops even offer flavor bars where you can come in and try the flavors before you buy it. You can find all the flavors carried by Insta Vape Inc here.

Beginner Tips

First-time users should look for a vaporizer that is simple to use right out of the box. Consider it a sports automobile with an automatic transmission. Consider the following factors while selecting your first vape.

  • Pre-configured wattage (usually vapes without displays)
  • Pre-constructed coils
  • Higher ohm coils (1ohm or above)
  • Small selection of atomizers
  • Easy to fill tanks
  • Always remember to prime your coils

If you want to change your lifestyle and start chasing clouds, be sure to check out all of the units and accessories available on Insta Vape Inc. Each vape has been tried and approved by our staff to ensure that we only carry the ones we actually appreciate.

We hope this information helped you make an informed selection about your future vaporizer.

We hope you found this article helpful in making an informed decision on your next vape, be sure to check out of other buyers guides for Vaporizers and Wax Pens as well for more useful info, tips and tricks.